Custom Log Fabrication

Muir Woods National Monument

Upon request and with appropriate drawings and designs the shop crew of Geronimo Pole Co. can fabricate log structures and furniture per your instructions. In the past our craftsmen have fabricated and reproduced log structures for the National Parks from original design drawings of the 1930’s. Since the original structures had deteriorated over time we were commissioned to authenticate the original structures.

Our shop crew also imbues artistic integrity into their furniture fabrications. Going over many fine details before construction allows our customers to receive the respectable one on one attention often need to create the specific piece they desire. Geronimo Pole Co. also does custom log milling to meet the many and varied requests of builders. Some logs are milled flat on top for rafters while others may be cut in half and channeled out for placement over steel support posts. Fax us your requirements in drawing and we will send a bid back usually within 72 hours.

Navajo Ladder & Sign Post